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    Hello fashionistas. Hope you all had a wonderful week.The weather is here is so unpredictable,one moment is sunny and the next is raining cats and dogs.For me that doesn’t really bother me that much as  most of the time am indoors so i don’t have to worry about being rained on or crazy traffic once…

  • Tulle Top and Leggings.

    Tulle Top and Leggings.

    Hello Everyone, Today we are sharing this pairing of a tulle top with some leggings. The sheer polka dot top is actually on its own so i can style it with something else but i bought the two of them as a pair, so normally i pair the tulle top with the polka dot one.…

  • Floral print dress

    Floral print dress

      Hello fashionista. The weather here is so unpredictable so once it sunny its time to dress up a little and that what happened yesterday.(well for the better part of the day) I played dress up with this floral dress which recently received  from and i can say i wasn’t dissapointed.Its just as i…