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  • The best of BestHairBuy

    The best of BestHairBuy

    Happy Wednesday Loves! Today we are sharing a one solution for a bad hair day.All of us have that day once in awhile. I find wigs to come in handy when one is having a bad hair day or just wants to change the look for the day, the perfect way to do it is…

  • Lace,Bows & Hearts

    Lace,Bows & Hearts

    Happy Monday Loves, Starting the week with this black outfit. I paired it with blazer and red pumps to add some colour. I find the skirt multi purpose it can be worn to work if paired with leggings, you can transition it to cocktails from cappuccinos.



      Hello everyone Today its all about this breathtaking dresses.Who doesn’t love a dress that speaks for itself? All these dresses are an eye catcher and a conversational starter.Each one of these dresses have something   that make it  unique.Not an every day kind of a dress.I love having some lace on dresses, it makes it…