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  • The best of BestHairBuy

    The best of BestHairBuy

    Happy Wednesday Loves! Today we are sharing a one solution for a bad hair day.All of us have that day once in awhile. I find wigs to come in handy when one is having a bad hair day or just wants to change the look for the day, the perfect way to do it is…

  • Hair Goals 2017

    Hair Goals 2017

    Happy Thursday Loves! Today we are talking about taking care of your hair relatable mostly to Black women. With all the weaving and braiding that we are inclined to do ends up harming the hair. To start with we have decided that this year we will take great care of our natural hair by reducing the…

  • Hair Pick of the week

    Hair Pick of the week

    natural soft wig Happy Monday, hope you are having a good start of the week. We just had to share our current obsession with short hair. Today we did like to introduce to you Wigsbuy. Just incase you are in search of a good wig, this website will most definitely sort you out. They specialize in wigs from women…