9 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas That Are Non-cheesy

by GlamourZONE
So the day is around the corner, and you are confused about what to wear. I am sharing 14 outfit ideas which I am sure you will find one that works for you. Or even better the outfits will jog your mind on how to style certain pieces in your wardrobe for the day. I am a believer in working with what someone has in the closet. Below outfit can be worn for a date night or even a lunch date. They are chic and not too loud and they will have you making a statement.
1. Adding a dash of Red

you can never go wrong with red shoes. Shoes are the best way to add color to an outfit and why not try it this valentine. A pop of color works very well with a monochrome look. When avoiding too have so much red on, this is perfect. 
2. Monochrome
Try a monochrome look and add some color with just one piece. Thinks of this look with a different belt, shoes or even a bag. Makes it just pop one stand out from the rest. Monochrome looks are perfect for simply any occasion. And just because it is valentines it does not mean you have to wear all red. You can also choose another color that compliments your skin well. 
3. All Red
Red is the color of love and since Valentine is a day people celebrate love why not wear red. Chances are there will be a couple of others wearing the same color, it will, therefore, be important to make sure yours is simple. For instance, you can break your look with a different color of shoes.



4. Chilly Night Ideas

For those who still have winter, here are some options. This is also good options to wear in the evening, for when it gets chilly. They offer enough coverage while still remaining chic. Taking a shawl or a jacket on a night out is advisable since it will keep you warm.

5. Red and Pink

You can never go wrong with a combination of red and pink. This works very best for valentines. If wearing all red does scare you, here are some ideas on how to tone it down. Wearing red head to toe can prove to be so challenging and a bit too much. This is one way of breaking the monotony of wearing head to toe because it is valentines. 


6. Pastels
Mixing pastels is a fun way to elevate a look. Pastels have a way of standing out on their own and making a statement. This makes them be a good option for valentines. On a night where most of the couples are dressing up and going out, you don’t want to look boring. Pastels will help to elevate your look. 



7. Style your Leggings or your pants
Most people opt to go for dresses on this day so pants make a good option to be unique. The secret here is to style them in a chic manner. Choose great pieces to pair them with. For instance, a well-structured sweater or a coat.

8. Burgundy
This color is also perfect for valentines. It does pair well with most of the colors as well. For a subtle look, this is the color to go for. It is also a low key colour that does not attract much attention.


9. Wear Anything
For some people, Valentine is a day like any other and there is, therefore, no need to be specific about what one is wearing. Grab a dress that makes you look beautiful and rock it with confidence.


I hope you found these tips useful.
With Love, 

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