Animal Print Bedding

by GlamourZONE
Happy Friday!
Any animal lovers here? Pet Lovers? Cats? Dogs? How cute are these Animal Print Bedding Set. I find these to be a conversation starter. That when a person enters the bedroom they are the first thing you see. I am a cat -dog mum so obviously, those are my absolute favorite. There are several reasons as to why I find such sets to be perfect. 
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How cute is this of the puppy listening to music? 

All the bedding from this post is from Beddinginn a site that deals with home decor, from curtains, bath, and clothing among other things. One is that they are double sided. If one side gets dirty you can switch to the other before getting it cleaned. it does not have to be changed when it has only been worn on one side. The other thing is that such bedding act as a form of home decor. By themselves, they are a form of art. Therefore there is no need for so much decor in the room. It is a plus if you have a pet. You can see them all the time 😁, it is like been with them throughout. I also loved the fact that the set comes with 2 pillowcases, the duvet cover and a flat sheet. An added advantage about a duvet cover is that you can take it off the cover any time you want to. Maybe when you just want a different look. They are also a different way of spicing things around. for when you want to have a different look. I feel that they would go best when the other decor in the room is of solid colour so none is fighting to get the attention. Something else that caught my eye from the site is the big five print to be specific the Leopard Print Bedding I also thought the Horse Bedding Sets was super beautiful. 
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See this here
What do you guys think of such prints for your bed? Is it something you would consider?
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