Bold and Beautiful

by GlamourZONE
Hi guys! Today we are doing a quick post inspired by Tommy John, a men’s retailer known for their underwear, and sharing some of the ways of keeping warm in the office while remaining to look chic.Like most others i find the hot weather/Summer time one of the best season of the year.So beautiful and we can wear the sunny dresses without caring much. Its all fun until we get into a chilly office. A light sweater or leggings always does the trick of helping to keep warm. Below i have created two collages for women and men. A trench coat maybe too much, but a light coat works perfect for keeping warm in the office. I find it a must have  for everyone in their closet. Long sleeved blouses and dresses will keep you warm without doing much layering. Blazers are also a must have, i find this the most easy way of looking chic and keeping warm in the office while you can always  drape them on shoulders once it gets warm or when outside the office. Below is a collage i made of what i would wear to an office with arctic air conditioning, remaining warm while managing to look chic.

Any of the items below will keep a  guy  warm in the office, while remaining professional and looking good. 
Share with us, whats your go to item to keep warm in the office.
Talk to you soon.
Lots of love,
Carole & Juelz

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