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by GlamourZONE
Hi loves, 
Am loving this kind of outfits of late. its perfect for the current weather in my country. Its also easy to put together. the top can be restyled with skirt for an official look. i love the platforms worn with the leggings but i would opt for the boot. I find them so comfortable. My go to outfit while lunching, when i have nothing else in mind to wear. All this items can be found in Zaful

Accessories have the power to change a whole outfit from simple to chic. i love this kind of statement earings and the midi rings too. i feel an outfit that is well accessoried speaks volume. 
Color Block Stripe Elastic Leggings $12.62
Color Block Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt $ 21.84
Sexy High Heel Lace-Up Ankle Boots $48.07
I find some heels really comfortable to wear. You can have them on for a whole day and not get riduculously tired. while others, ten minutes in them and the feet are complaining. They are more of sitting heels, those that you were knowing you will be seated most of the time. Do you guys have such kind  of heels? 
PU Leather Solid Color Tote Bag $44.99
I I love bright colour handbags.They are such a nice and simple  way to add a touch of colour to the look.
8PCS Solid Color Rings $4.33
Mid rings i love love love them. Saw this and it reminded me i have some that i haven’t worn in a while. i have seen lots of bloggers wearing this. i like how most of them do the styling. i sure can’t get enough of this  earrings.Surely stunning and a conversation starter.Goes well with almost any look.
Pair of Rhinestone and Gemstone Geometric Earrings $4.35
Thanks alot for reading. Talk to you soon.
With Love,
Carole & Juelz

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