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We hope that your week is going on well. Today we share our current obsession in cologne. 
Every woman should have a smell and a good one at that. Got this two a while back and i love love them. I have always stuck to Dior Fragrance but of late have been experimenting and here are two that haven’t disappointed. 
The scent here is pure heavenly. Its a mixture of flowers , so soft. Iniatially i didn’t like it that much but now i want to wear it on a daily basis. I use it sparingly and even after laundry is done some of it is still there. Boxter is a male cologne which is just impeccable, its already half way. Its stronger than Bright Crystal . I love wearing it on the scarf so i can smell it all  day. 
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what is your best fragrance?
Do share with us we would love to check them out. 
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