Ericdress Gems: Boots!

by GlamourZONE
                 Happy Tuesday!

Today we are sharing our boot pick list . Here are some of our favourite over the months.the boots can be worn with a dress or with pants. They can be styled for different seasons, from winter to summer. I find the platformed boots comfortable to wear for a long time without getting tired fast, same with those that has a tight grip at the top. 

you can wear this with a dress, a skirt or a skinny pants or leggings. i tend to think it would look great when styled or worn with a skater dress or a skirt. A pair of these boots will surely upgrade your look to a more chic one, making you more confident, am a believer of that someones clothes/ look plays a big part in boosting ones confidence more of not self doubting yourself every other minute. See more boots here

Here is are black high heeled boots ( link ) that are just perfect for winter when layering. i find this multi purpose since it looks good  when styled with a couple of things, be it a sweater top. bodycon dresses, flared dresses etc.  You can also find cheap high heel boots, cheap womens boots, cheap winter boots from ericdress

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