Family Vacation Recap : Dubai

by GlamourZONE

Today’s post is a recap of our family trip to Dubai, my big sisters’ place of choice to spend her birthday. To start with none of us had been to the place before, so it was equally exciting and an adventure for all of us. I must admit it was an awesome experience. We were lucky the atmosphere was good as well, the highs were bearable and we didn’t have low temperatures as such.

We traveled with my nieces, one 12 years and other 6 years, I have to admit Emirates are good, when it comes to their service, the children are well cared for, their meals arrive almost immediately after takeoff and they are also given a bag with some play items 😊😊. The flight was about 4 hours and they kept busy with cartoons and games.

On arrival, we were picked from the airport an agreement with the travel agency that we used Bonfire Adventures And OMG! the immigration officers are so handsome, the word doesn’t do them justice. I remember twin and I reasoning probably that is one of a requirement to work for government there. Still smiling when I reminisce 😊.

We stayed in a Citymax Hotel found in Bur Dubai. The amenities offered are awesome, it is worthy every penny spent. The rooms are very spacious and all in good condition. The food is also good, with a variety of options to accommodate every guest, from what I was able to observe, the hotel gets guests from all over. The reception and the consignee were also quite hospitable and answered any questions we had.

We had a variety of activities scheduled for each day, after our arrival the following morning we rested, later in the afternoon we went to the dessert for the safari. If you have been you know its hard to put into words the experience. It is more than a rollercoaster, I remember screaming my lungs out, and thinking our car was going to crash the next minute, the more you beg the drive to stop the more he over does it. My nieces really enjoyed it. Though I think it should come with a warning ⚠. The entertainment was awesome though I expected to see more belly dancing.

The third day we had a tour of the city. Our tour guide was just impeccable, the infrastructure and the architecture is just one of the best. The city is spotless, we were told this because there are very high fines to someone dirtying the place. Some of the things we saw during the tour are, The Dubai Mall, The Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, some palace (name forgotten) man made islands, a public beach ( name forgetten).

In the evening we went for a dinner cruise, you get to see the whole city as you dine, it can get a little chilly, so a jacket or a scarf will suffice. On the fourth day we had the whole day free, we visited several malls, one of them been The Dubai Mall, a mall so big, you get lost in the inside at one point we had to use the map. We visited several other malls and I from what we saw, all the malls are extremely huge you need hours and hours to exhaust them, if its even possible to do so in a day.
I left feeling I had to go back and exhaust the city.
Highly recommended for a holiday vacation.
With lots of love
Carole & Juelz

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