Getting back in shape: Festive Season Aftermath

by GlamourZONE
                                                                              Hello Loves,
Today we are sharing a look perfect for the office and some tips for getting back in shape after the festive season  or after taking some break. About the dress, I purchased it like an year ago but haven’t gotten round to wearing it yet. But I do think it makes for a perfect office look styled with a pair of heels and minimalistic accessories. What do you think of this styling? Now that the holidays are over and our normal routines have resumed. What to do to get back in shape? We all, most us do seem to pack up a little more pounds from all the yummy food and the treats.

 Here are some things we think will help:
Joining a gym will definitely help in cutting. The key here is in consistency.

This is the most effective way, you may join the gym or do all the other form of exercise but without eating healthy it all in vain. Eating healthy is the key. You can start by cutting down on processed sugars and sweets. Green tea, lemon tea and lemon water also helps a great deal.


This is the year that I will finally join a yoga class. One of my new year resolution. I find it the most relaxing form of exercising and its chic too. All you need is the appropriate clothing. Pieces that are comfortable and stylish too. You can get some chic yoga clothes HERE


Have a trigger .Something that motivates you. It maybe a dress you want to get into.
Change doesn’t come abruptly, we all have to be patient. like the saying goes GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.

 Thanks a lot for reading.
Talk to you soon.
Carole & Juelz


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