Evening Glam with Babyonline

by GlamourZONE
Happy Monday! 
Today’s post is in collaboration with Babyonline Dress in an online shop that deals mostly with elegant dresses. Such that can be worn to a wedding as a guest, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding gowns as well. There is a lot of fashion style on the site too. I choose about 4 dresses to share with you, those that I thought were not so “extra extra ” if you know what I mean. In my opinion, the dresses are so easy to style and can be worn to quite a number of occasions without looking overly done. In other words “extra extra”. I like the first one most, mainly because of its simplicity and I thought that it can be worn to quite a number of places. It can do a date night, a prom, and simply a place where you want to make a statement. It is perfect as an eveining dress too.

These wedding dresses I thought were a masterpiece. I love the structure and the lace detail. Super beautiful.I love all the other dresses that I shared mostly because of their uniqueness. The lace detail is beautiful in each one of them. The white short one struck me like something that can be worn for prom or a night out. Or just to any part. While the long silver dress gives such a sexy alure so if that’s what you are looking for then this is beautiful It shows the right amount of skin leaving the rest to be desired.
The site got me thinking of the things that I look at when shopping for dresses online. Here are my some of my key things. I normally ask myself what is unique about the dress and if I really need it. And I find something quite unique and the structure is unique then I buy it. I am normally careful about the purchases that I make, mostly because sending a package pack is super expensive from my country. The material is another crucial thing. Most sites will have a section at the bottom where there is descriptions of the material and the fitting. If not there is always the option of speaking to the customer service. The cost is the other thing. After reading people’s reviews and checking out the description I evaluate if I really need it or not. Such questions do help me to avoid impulse buying. What are the main things you consider before making a purchase? Check out Babyonline new style and new designer

Would love to hear what you thought of these dresses.
Talk to you soon.
Lots of Love

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