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Every girl dreams of perfect hair.Hair that looks good day in day out with no bad hair days. While in reality this may not always be the case, a good wig or even extensions will always save the day.Today we are sharing some wholesale human hair from a website known as Finding Dream. What I like most about the site is the variety that they have. Which ranges from wigs, wholesale hair extensions, weaves to even tips on how to wear and take care of them. Good thing they have wholesale prices which makes their products cheaper. Am also sharing my three  dos when it comes to wigs too. Most women are embracing wigs now as compared to the past.

I think Cookie from Empire(am sure most of us have watched this series )looks fantastic in them.My most important to do thing when it comes to a wig is to choose the most natural looking one. Something that doesn’t scream fake.
Perfect cut . Getting it cut to your face, it doesn’t matter what the price is.Full lace wigs have become popular now, with their natural look and their comfort.
Accessorize. Try putting a pin or even a band.

Ain’t this hair piece just beautiful. This is a perfect example on how to accessorize a wig.
I love the statement that Coloured hair makes.
It doesn’t have to be full head colour, some highlights will do perfectly.

 There is quite a number of things you will find from the site. There is  wholesale hair which gives you quite a variety of products to choose from.
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Picture source: Pinterest and Finding Dream

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