by GlamourZONE
Hello everyone,hope your week is going on well as our’s is.
Today we are foccusing on some the things that are essential for us ladies to carry in our handbag.Well you can call it handbag essentials. So today we are taking you on a tour and you can see what you will find in our handbag on a normal day.Some of itemsyou will definety find in our handbag include:
2.Coin purse
3.Small makeup bag,which includes things like safetly pins pods,small eyeshadow pack just incase of any touch ups needed.
4.Hand lotions.Any lady out there knows how important it is to have our hands moisturizered.
5.Wipes.This includes both wet wipes and normal tissues just incase of any spill or something like that.Can also act as hand sanitizer.
6.Tab &a phone.Need to catch up with the latest news on any social media.
7.Notebook & a pen (sometimes)
9.Water bottle.We all need to keep hydrated  and for us it’s lemon water always.
We have left out some things like pads,earphones so next timewe will include them
Wallet and coin purse from Dresslink
Make sure you check them out too.Apart from wallets only you can find some more cool   items too from dresslink

Aren’t this pieces stunning,the wallets and the coin purse?Am currently obessed with them.You can have a look at them here &here .What i love most about themis the quality is awesome.Totally long lasting.You can check out our wishlist post on this beautiful wallets and coin purse here
Thanks alot for reading,hope you liked the post.
Lots of love 
glamourzone twins
Carole & Juelz.

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