Fashion Solitude

by GlamourZONE
Hello fashion friends, hope you are all uohaving a great week. wore this on a chilly day. Simple black outfit. black solitude.i wore a black sleeveless dress added a trench coat and boots. 

Took the pictures a while ago after a long day of running up and down in town.

the hair  added some colour to my outfit….
found my niece playing outside and she joined us taking the pictures.
 my youngest niece… 

i want to share with you about
Hellofood ,i stumbled upon this site when I was looking to order some food. one of those days you get home so tired and all you want to do is to curl up on a couch, watch movies,catch up with your favourite shows or simply do nothing no dishes no cooking.
they are very fast and convinient. Even better you can download their application on iphone,tablet or android phone. They are found in so many countries. Check them out here
Those in Nairobi check out the variety they have in Brew Bistro and lounge along ngong road,its our best.
 Thanks all for reading and sharing your thoughts on our previous post.

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