How to add volume to your hair

by GlamourZONE
                              Lets talk hair!
I have to admit that  have never tried this kind of extensions or even the clip ins, but they do look good and beautiful, don’t they? and to top it all they do photograph well. I find these clip ins good because they help in adding volume to your hair and they can be dyed to resemble the hair colour and most importantly they do not damage the natural hair. 

All the pictures are from a site that specializes in hair Clip In, in varying lengths so you have several options to choose from.The site goes a step further  to give styling tips and shows the before and after pictures so you have an idea of how it is likely to look like.

1 have learnt quite a lot of things from their hair blog
1. you are not advised to sleep with the Clip Ins on, this is because they are likely to tangle which may end up spoiling them.
2. Wash them as few times as possible, it’s recommended to do so if they start to have a bad odur or start to change colour.
3. They are very easy to put on.
4. If they are well taken care of they can last for a longer time.
What do you think of these Clip Ins , browse through the site am sure you will find something that you like and get some hair tips as well.
                         Talk to you soon
                         Carole and Juelz

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