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by GlamourZONE
Hi loves, 
Today I am sharing one of looks for the gym . I started my workout routine about eight months ago and I have to admit that I am loving the progress. At times hard but holding strong. Some of the things I like and enjoy about working out is how it makes me feel after a session. All the troubles I have had during the day I find that they no longer weigh on me. The feeling that I get when I realize that I am able to push myself harder than I thought is just explainable. My goal for joining the gym was to tone up and work on my upper body mostly. I have an awesome trainer who pushes me and keeps going, I have much to thank him for the progress I have made so far and I am super excited about the future. I can’t wait to see more gains, it may take time but I am as patient as it is needed of me.

Some of the things I have been battling with is water drinking and my diet. I have come to realize drinking water like people say 8 glasses  is not an easy thing but hopefully I will get used to it soon. I hoping to increase my intake with a glass or two to begin with as I work on my diet.

Feel free to share with me about your fitness routine I would really appreciate a few pointers. 
Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.
With lots of love,
Carole & Juelz John

The tops am wearing can be found Here

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