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Hi loves,   today we are sharing you a little bit about fashion in our blog. We are so excited that we will be working for FAFA.
(Festival for fashion and Arts)Okay FAFA is the biggest and best fashion show there is in our country. From the organisers to the people who attend.
FAFA was founded by
see more ….Ann Mcreath, this lady is impeccable and so  knowledgeable when it comes to fashion. she is the founder of Kikoromeo and she designed this dress
Lupitas’ mom is wearing here.

lupita and her mom

Sylvia the new CEO of Fafa so exicted to be part of Fafa this year. She is full of energy and this smile you see doesn’t go away. such a friendly person.
Muna Yemane’s design modelled by Esther Odindi from City Models
one of the designs from Iona Mc Creath modelled by Mary Ester Were
tickets are going for kshs,8,000 Gold kshs.7,500 in advance 

Silver tickets for kshs 6,000
kshs,5500 in advance.



makeup by Suzie Beauty Cosmestics.

we hope our internation readers have learnt something about our fashion industry. We will be making more follow up posts on FAFA. Talk to you soon.
Always in fashion.Kisses from

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