Memoirs of a Telenovela Addict

by GlamourZONE
Soap Operas are the best thing from High Heels. 🙂 About 2years ago Dstv stopped airing Days of our lives and Bold and the Bautiful, I couldn’t believe it. I saw so sad because i was obsessed with them.I remember calling their customer care to complain little did I know better things were on the way. One day am just seated on the couch so bored flipping through the channels and boom there it is a channel solely on Telenovelas. i can’t really explain but i knew my love affair with tv had just restarted. Since that day I have not missed an episode of any telenovela. I find myself rushing home so as to catch them by
The skimming, the lies, the impossible loves, the luxuries. They are just intriguing.
Beautiful, Bold & Handsome

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Impossible Loves. Well this is mostly in all of them. Forbidden loves. people who shouldn’t be together but they can’t resist each other. Like Bianca & Bruno in the telenovela Forbidden Passion.
impeccable fashion. When it comes to clothes,style they got it going. 

Women married to rich husbands with nothing much to do than take care of the house plants,ooh,they have servants for that. sit by the pool sipping magaritas in sky high heels and big funky hats. Not forgetting the rich spoilt kids who have everything they want and would ever desire.

From CRUEL LOVE though most of them end with someone dying, going crazy or in prison.
Mr curly hair in Labour of Love soon to be in Fearless heart.
This one makes me feel like i will get inside the screen and slap him.plays a very annoying character:-) 🙂 .
Well this is my heroine:-) whats’ yours? Thanks all for reading.  
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we wish you a great week and send you big big kisses.
Carole & Juelz

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