by GlamourZONE

Hello fashionistas, hope your week is great so far. As am posting this i should be in bed, gotta wake up early and my twin is always complaining how much she has to wait for me to get ready ” i will leave you now…..” she says.
i can’t get that Kelly Rowland song off my head. Doesn’t she just look so sexy in the video?
Wore this outfit to meet a pal for lunch thats where i actually heard the song again after a long time.
Paired the floral skirt with a green vest. And my velvet jacket, i love how it feels. The red shoes i love, actually today was the first time am wearing them. So comfortable.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for stopping by our previous post and for your kind words. Follow us on twitter &instagram we just joined well weeks ago @glamourzone01
Stay in Fashion
Kisses, Carole

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