My Shadowself

by GlamourZONE
Hello everyone,
Thanks to all of you who wished us happy birthday we had so much cake .Today we bring you another twin shoot.Our lovely niece decided to join us as we were  shooting this look and of course we couldnt say no. she is so adorable, i always want to squeeze her so tight. 
What inspires us most when it comes to fashion?
Mostly blogs, we have a few  that we literally stalk and  always look forward to when they post.  we watch  a lot of fashion tv and read magazines too.
Do you always dress the same?
Sometimes we do and this attracts a lot of attention. we tend to like the same things, if we do buy the exact same thing  they  differ slightly.
Do you  fight?
Not really.It doesnt get to the  point where we fight or we start retorting back.
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kisses and more kisses.
squeezing her tight.
Laughter is always the best medicine and everyday is a perfect day to be happy. 

Photography by JOSE THOME
Thanks alot for reading we really appreciate.
With lots of love
glamourzone twins
Juelz &Carole

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