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Hello fashionistas,
Today it’s something abit different.Pakistani girl.One of my sister’s came with this top from Pakistan and i was blown away by it’s beauty.I couldn’t stop staring literaly.For a long time now i have loved Pakistan fashion clothes and when i knew she was going there ,she certainly had to bring back a souvenir.Am obssesed with the pattern in this top.I paired it with my  faux leather leggings and a hijab(Just between me and you i guess next time  before rocking this look i will have to watch the many youtube clips on  how to style a hijab)I think for a first timer it came  out ok right?For the accessories i kept them minimal just a few rings and a grey handbag .Perfect look for brunch.I love this tights so much,have actually worn them before here  
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Juelz& Carole

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