Suiting up in Green

by GlamourZONE

                                            Welcome Back!
We hope that you are having a good week so far. Today we are sharing a finally accomplished step in a to do list. Have always wanted a coloured suit, but for some reason which i can’t really point out i keep postponing to get one. This is not the shade of green i had in mind ( neon green), but since i couldn’t get it I had to settle on this one or it would have never been made at all.   What do you fashionistas think of this look? NAY or YAY?

                                                  Current Obsession.
 Apart from the kittens of course I am currently obsessed   with Danielle Steel book -Jewels.
This book has me glued to it almost all the time, every time I want to read, read and read. Good thing am remaining like 70 pages to go.Every time I read Danielle steel’s book am transported to the War Era, the chateaus. This one is a historical romantic novel with 471 pages. Kinda like Titanic where an old lady of 75 years tell her story. Oooh beautiful times and Sad times too. If you like to read, and haven’t had this one yet you’ve got to. You won’t be dissapointed.

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send you lots and lots of kisses.

With my first born here. You probably have seen lots of these on our instagram page . Growing so fast. They kinda like to pose for pictures too. 
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Talk to you soon.
 From the glamourzone Twins.
Carole & Juelz. 

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