The 3 Most Stylish Smartphones Today

by GlamourZONE
Whenever you leave home, it is important to dress the right way for the occasion so you will always be fabulous. But you know what can turn even an average outfit into a great one? Well, the answer is the accessories. With the right set of accessories, you can express playfulness and seriousness, moderation and lust, and pretty much everything in between. In today’s connected world, many people don’t leave home without their smartphone. After all, it allows them to update social media, keep in touch with friends, look for directions, and even to join Betway now Smartphones can be more than just a useful tool – the right smartphone can serve as an accessory as well.

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Released last October, the Honor 8C is the latest in a series of affordable yet high-tech smartphones from Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei. Its hardware is great – it has an octa-core processor and 4GB RAM to make it run smoothly even with multiple apps open at the same time, and its 13MP dual back camera ensures that all the pictures you snap during your night out with your friends will look great on every screen.

The phone has a sleek, rounded design, it is slim and elegant, and it is available in three stylish colors: Midnight Black (for black-tie occasions), Aurora Blue (for everyday use) and Platinum Gold. Plus, it costs under KSH 20,000.
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On the mid-range side, we have Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2, a smartphone with hardware more powerful than the one above. Its specifications are similar to a flagship phone from a couple of years ago – meaning that it will be your faithful companion for years to come – and its looks will continue to stand out of the crowd.

The design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is pretty simple and minimalistic – it is a bit blocky but very elegant, thanks especially to its screen covering nearly its entire face with very thin edges. It is only available in black and white – but we all know that these two go with pretty much anything, right?

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Last but not least, let’s take a look at the more expensive side with Apple’s new iPhone XR. While its price is double compared to the smartphone above, it has the specifications to match: powerful hardware to take care of all your needs, a high-quality camera both on its back and its front, and all the benefits of a modern-day smartphone, including support for Apple Pay. Plus, it looks great – aside from its front and back covered in glass, it is also available in several livid colors – black, red, blue, yellow, coral, and white. Its only real downside is its price: it costs almost KSH 100,000 – if you are lucky.

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