What to wear: To a night out.

by GlamourZONE
Hi loves, Today is all about some glamour of these dresses. Been summer I find them quite appropriate. I find a black dress a closet must have. The more LBDs you have the merrier. You are guaranteed to find one to fits any occasion. this is how i would style this LBD. Keeping it simple so as to let the dress stand out on it own. Just a pair butterfly heels and a clutch bag. 

This silhouettes are granted to have you feeling like a million bucks. I am always of the opinion that its more about the feel than the brand. making every moment feel special, taking into consideration that all women are different and focuses on enhancing the beauty. i find this dresses quite pretty and therefore easy to style too. maybe just a pop of lipstick, bangles, rings, something simple. Aren’t th├Ęse semi formal dresses cute?     
All perfect for a night out or a party. Perfect to break a move on. A night out dancing and having fun is perfect for a dress. Accessorizing with one of those clutch bag you hang on your shoulder not to bother you when dancing. Pumps are known to be the best for a night out and i totally agree.
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Thanks a lot for reading and for shopping by.
With Love,
Juelz & Carole.

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