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by GlamourZONE
Hi loves, today’s post is all about dresses,prom dresses, wedding dresses and evening dresses Every girl loves to dress up, it may not be all, there are those who don’t care who prefer a tomboish look which is also cool but
I am sure most do anyway. Having a perfect dress that fits like glove and accentuates all the right places showing them curves.

the blue one is one of my favourite

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Been a lover of all shades of blue.  The details at the front are what caught my eyes.the band too which makes ones waist look so tiny.

perfect for prom, too bad that in my country there are no proms. would have loved to go to one in such a gown.Feel free to check more prom dresses

This dresses surely look like they were made for the ball room.Just breathtaking.

Finding the right evening dresses that speaks to you can be tricky,hard or fun and easy.
Here are our tips for choosing a perfect eveining dress.
1.know your body. Dresses will look different in different body shapes.

Know what works for you.
2.The fabric too. I find this pretty important. Also goes hand in hand with the body shape. Different fabrics will look different on the body.
3. The occassion .Here am gonna pull a George Kotsiopoulos. Like he says some  fabrics photograph better than others.
If its a glam event and you know you will be photographed, choose wisely.
4. Length.
Short or long. Either, just make sure you look awesome.

A little leg never hurts anyone.Its sexy too.
Lastly is the  wedding dresse i saved the best for the last.A wedding day is the day that every girl dream about as they grow up.For sure finding that perfect dress for that  special day is a trully a joy.A dress that will leave almost everyone speechless and blown away.
With no doubt you can get the perfectwedding dresses  in that fits your taste .Whether its  long ,short,classic,contemplary,strappless,an a line sweetheart  just any style and design that suits and flatters your body.Be openminded you may find a style that you never thought would look good on you.
Thanks alot for reading we really do appreciate.
Stay glamourous
Juelz & Carole.

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