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Todays post is about these gorgeous models. we spent a better part of our sunday hanging out with them and interviewing them.Making a short video of them training and learn more about them like their beauty routine,how they keep fit etc. Will share the video as soon as its ready and the other pictures that we took see more

It was my first time ,well i think second, in motion picture.I really had fun.I also got to meet Ajuma Nasanyana who is their trainer.like we mentioned in our ealier post we are volunteering  for


(biggest fashion show in the country)
this year and we are loving every part of it. As fun as it, its been a platform for us to learn more and socialize. So have been our weekely Fashion Focus Group meetings on Wednesday held every week in Yaya @ kikoromeo. Those in Nairobi I highly recommend you come. Its always nice to see a new face and meet different people.

This are just some of the models you expect to see on the runway.
lyna and Mary Esther
among the models are 

Mary Esther,Lyna,James,Lucio,

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Till next time stay in fashion.
Ps.The pictures we taken by our friend from Mtaani entertainment .

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