Glamour Season: wedding, prom and evening dresses

by GlamourZONE
Hi loves, 
watching the globe awards red carpet as I work on this draft. How much I love this award seasons. The gowns the glamour the celebs. It gave me so much psych  to work on this post. Since the concept is the Same revolves around gowns. Pretty awesome.Well as its famously known a good picture is worth a thousand word so is a dress.I got this images from a website i visited and liked that specializes in wedding attire. Wedding dresses, party
dresses, accessories  but apart from this you will also find Evening
Dresses, Prom Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Formal Dresses,
this perfect short one is perfect for a night out, a cocktail party and prom. (me thinks)

How i wish we had prom in my country. I know i have mentioned this before, i just would have loved to get dolled up in one.
.From prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, weddings dresses and evening dresses.If you frequent our blog you might have seen a post we had on such prom gowns. So i also couldn’t resist to share  a few conversation starters from .Dresses and gowns that are mind blowing,stunning and gorgeous.Who can resist such?

this seems like a perfect prom dress.Such a gown will make you stand out in a whole room. This been the award season you are definitely going to see more of this gowns from Enews.
pulling a JLO move is always fantastic. Nothing says sexy than showing some skin. What a better way to do it than to show some leg. I am a fan of color hence my choice of the gowns that I have can find me of this gowns here
Bright colours are definitely my thing red, pink, yellow ,blues etc…I think some of this dresses are a must have in ones closet. You never know when an occasion may arise and you need to rock one.

Lace is always sexy, perfect combination with the jlo leg.Any
style and design you fancy ,you will surely be lucky to find it.Talk of
a sweetheart neckline,Strappless,Mermaid dresses ,shear,beaded,dropped
waist,empire waist any dress you ever dreamt of.Whether you its satin or
silk for fabric you got it
this is absolutely my very best. from its details to the fact that this is my best shade of blue. its a perfect evening dresses for an elegant event. 
thanks all for stopping by and reading. talk to you soon
from the glamour twins.
Carole & Juelz

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