Keeping Warm: Light Sweater & Scarf

by GlamourZONE

                                                                            Hi loves,

Hope you are enjoying your week so far. Today we are sharing this comfy look. A chic pairing of jeans and a sweater quite simple. Trying to keep warm as much as i can. I dread getting a cold because once i do it really takes a toil on me, and with cold have to do some layering. I find the secret for elevating such an outfit a pair of heels or just a piece of statement accessory, something to make it stand out.

some beaded action on the sweater. I find this the kind of a sweater one of the girls from Pretty Little Liars would be wearing. I think i saw Aria with something like this, well close to this. I can,t wait to restyle it. 

                                                                 Current Obsession.
Still obsessed with this kitten. i hope in my next life i do come back as one. All they want to do is eat, cuddle, play and sleep but anyway cats have nothing else to do. I look at this eyes and fall in love all over again.

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Thanks all for stopping by. Talk to you soon.
Glamour Twins
Carole & Juelz.

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