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by GlamourZONE
I am always in the lookout for a good unique blazer. They are just like shoes or the LBD a girl can never have enough. So today we bring you some of our most preferred when we are scouting for a perfect fit. You know how much we love leggings, i find blazers a perfect way to dress them up. It elevates the look making it chic. They are also perfect to wear with a dress or a pencil skirt to the office. There are several things that we look at when shopping for one : number one most important thing is the material. then ask this question, do i already if have something to wear it with? If the answer is no, then i highly weigh my options of buying it i must not need it after all. The third thing i make sure to get perfectly is the size, there are times when i buy something a little bigger wanting to take it to the tailor to be altered to my fitting only to end up sitting in my closet for months and month. Spend some quality time scouting for your size, oooh and counter check you got it correctly. Loving this Tidebuy Korean style blazers.

Strips are here to stay(me thinks) so owning a stripped one is not a bad idea.You can browse and see this beautiful blazers in

We already have this tweed jacket in white, when i saw this yellow one it caught my eye, the white one fits just perfectly and feels great too, so this one is quite an option to consider.You can also be able read tidebuy reviews of petite blazers

Black and white i find most easy to style, can be paired with almost everything. These two above, i find appropriate for the office, can also be dressed up with some leggings or a dress. You can find all these Cheap Women Blazers from Tidebuy.See more here
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