My Life As A Twin

by GlamourZONE
Hi loves,
Hope you are enjoying the week and the this month. Well today’s post is kind of a special post which we really enjoyed working on. Been a twin is kind of a special actually i think kind of is not appropriate BEEN A TWIN IS A SPECIAL THING.  Most of the time people as us how it feels to have a twin. We have answered some the questions that we are  asked oftenly. see more of our activities on instagram glamourzone01  we have made some changes to the blog can you tell? 

What is it like to have a twin?

   Juelz:   I would write like 2 pages on this but for now its awesome.                                                
Carole: I don’t think my words can describe how i feel about having a twin but i will try. It like    looking in a mirror and seeing your reflection apart from the fact that there is no mirror. She is me. I look at her and i see myself. My better half. It was love at conception. 
Do you play tricks on people?
Juelz:    Sometimes we do and it makes my day. i cant help but laugh on the inside.                            
Carole:  Yeah sometimes we do. it interesting when people can’t tell who is who. i normally smile to myself and put on my Juelz hat. 
Would you like to get married to twins?
Juelz:  Twinsies answer that please.                                                                                                      

Carole: Mmmh, not really. but i remember there is a time i used to think that we would live in one   big house with our families forever. ha haha. but with time and some growing up i kinda think  this may not be so realistic.
Do your boyfriends confuse you two?
Juelz:     Having someone you can you share you secrets with,call & nag every other minute  and share clothes with.Just simply a bff.                                                                                                                                                   
Carole: Once you spend some time with us it easier to tell us apart. but it is easier to confuse if you haven’t spent much time with us. so no, they don’t.
we hope you enjoyed this post and the images as well. we would love to hear what you think and if you would like to see more of this twinsies post. 
we wish you lots of happiness and send you lots of kisses.
from the Glamour Twins with love
Carole & Juelz.

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