by GlamourZONE
Hi loves,
Happy Womens Daytoday we are sharing this lovely pictures that we took a while back, back then my hair was still dyed to red. i was obssessed with this dress it was my to go dress then until i put it furthest and out of sight.  styled my look by adding a velvet jacket. and this doll shoes that i more…

these cute doll shoes that I heart.
To the lovers of El James check out Sylvia Days’ sequel Crossfire I have been hooked to those books for the last two weeks.I managed to read all of the 3.
I am a novelholic I will always have one in my bag to red on the bus to and fro .
Some people also just cannot keep time,so instead of just sitting and waiting i read a page or two.THANKS for reading and talk to you soon.
Till next time. …always in fashion. Kisses.

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