Prom Dresses for All Body Types.

by GlamourZONE
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i hope take you are doing great and you enjoyed your Easter Holiday and the Egg Hunts 
 today we are sharing these Cheap Prom Dresses  from JD Dresses. I especially love this  A line gown with lace details. Black been one of my favorite colours. i love the detailing of this gown conservative yet very chic and sexy   .

They have dresses for all body types. Be it a straight body shape, pear body shape, hour glass body type and oval body shape. 
A: Straight Body Shape
 Straight body shape is the body where the hips and the bust are balanced and the waist is not very defined. the bottom is more flat than round. when gaining weight this happens first at the   torso  and then your upper thighs and arms.  The key to dressing a Straight body type is by enhancing the waist. 
B: Hour Glass Body Type
 in this body type the hips and the bust are always the same size.  the waist is well defined and can easily be seen.  The key to dressing an Hourglass body type is also to accentuate your waist. 

this red gown almost resembles the blue gown above. one of my best colours is blue any shade of it is a favourite of mine. i love the top part of both this gowns. makes them stand out. 
C: Pear Body Shape
Here the hips are larger than the bust and the waist is slightly bigger than the hips. the arms and shoulders are slim and the neck is elegant. you are likely to gain weight first at the bottom and legs then the tummy and the upper body. . The key to dressing a pear body type is to enhance the  upper body while emphasizing your waist while paying less attention  your lower body to create a balanced, hourglass appearance.
some leg always makes one have the wow factor. a slit this high needs just the right amount of attitude to be able to rock it. you can see more of this gowns here
a burst of mint green and black. what a good combination. 
The black makes the gown unique and less screaming. 
 D: Oval Body Shape 
the oval body shape has a full midsection while the bust is large and the hips are narrow.  one is likely to gain weight first on the stomach followed by the back and the upper body. one has to pay most attention to the midsection while dressing up and try to define it. using a belt or even clothing that add curves and fullness to your lower body can be of help. 
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