Sprunge or Save

by GlamourZONE
Happy Monday everyone.Hope you all had an awesome weekend.Today’s post is all about shopping. we are collaborating with Raise.com.

Raise is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy discounted gift card to your favourite brands, and sell your   unused gift cards for cash. We have all watched SHOPAHOLIC…..see more

Shopping!Shopping!Something we all love to do.We all love that thrill of having something new.As fashion bloggers we  cant live without shopping whether its online or in the local stores.
Overtime we have become more accustomed with online shopping,we spend so much time online going through different sites to see which ones had the best deals such discounted prices and clearance sale.Also we look for those sites that have free shipping.But at the end we indulge in a little impulse buying.There are just those  pieces we always feel we can live without.You can’t imagine how many pairs of shoes we have accumulated over time some are still in their boxes  :-):-)We came across a post that can really help to shop smart and avoid all the impluse buying.Show you  how you can get the best deals ever.check it out here
Come visit us tommorrow we be giving our opinion on how the EAFW (East Africa Fashion Week) was.
Thanks alot for reading.Till next time stay in fashion

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