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by GlamourZONE

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Hi Fam, I am back again with some outfits that I got from Femme Luxe. I have in the last couple of months enjoyed shopping from this site.

I love the quality of the items and the sizing too. This first Loungewear sets  can be found here. This has to be the best item I have ordered to far. I just love how the material feels clings to the body and the feel as well. Keeps you warm and still not too hot.


 Moving on to my second piece, it this off the shoulder jumpsuit. Fits perfectly, however, you have to be quiet keen about the sizing on this one. The sleeve is quite tight and so is the midsection, if those are areas you are cautious about, you wanna stay away from this piece. However, I find it very beautiful and elegant. Definitely, something I can wear on a night out or a date.


 These pants, now where do I start from. They are the centerpiece of this whole outfit. They fit well and hug in all the right places. You just know when you find the perfect pair of trousers. These go up to the ankle, however, i do prefer them when folded since they make them legs look better 😀

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This piece has to be the easiest to style. A few accessories and a pair of heels or sneakers and you are good to go. I find it perfect for a chilled day, or rather that is when I more inclined to wear it. The material is quite good and feel great on the skin. No irritation whatsoever. 
Which piece do you like the most?
With love

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