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The polka dots

Polka dots are adorable! If properly worn they can be a sight to behold. You can wear them on a t-shirt–dressed down–or on a fancy dress–dressed up! Versatile! Polka Dots is a still going fashion trend that never goes out of style. Timeless Fashion that fits young and old appropriately. Polka Dots print are feminine, flirty, glamorous and a must have in any up-to-date wardrobe. They spice things up and add a touch of retro fun to any piece of outfit.

you can also dress them down.

Kourtney kardhashian rocked a polka dot blouse as she made an appearance on “Good Morning America” in NYC.

They’re retro, fun and they definitely bring a little playfulness to any outfit.A mixture of both big and small polka dot

From polka dot bangle sets, to retro dresses, purses, heels and hair accessories, this polka dots print is here to stay.

.This look is unique and magnifcent

perfect touch of femininity with a sophisticated and masculine ensemble.

You can be creative and go as extreme as having it in your Nails just like Tracy DiMarco the star of Jeryseylicious covered her acrylics in white and black polka dots to match her puppy Mia’s outfit.

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