What I wore-CmsAfrica2014

by GlamourZONE
Happy Wednesday loves

 I wore this last week to attend a Cms 

Africa2014 workshop. This shirt is from my boyfriends closet ,which i have now kind of possessed. i think it looks good paired with fitting leggings. i accessoried with this hat.follow us  on  instagram see more…

The CmsAfrica2014 was the first to be held in Kenya@Strathmore University.
Thanks to BAKE(Bloggers Association of
Kenya) we (my twin and I)got to attend.

CMS-content management system.
we discussed open source, how to demystify CMS,IU Design, monetizing wordpress,Drupal,Typo3,Magento, Jumla and other lots of stuff. To be honest I had never heard of Drupal,Magento and Typo3.But atleast now I have some info.
And there were many giveaways and some stickers I got are now on the fridge

my twin and I .
hanks all for reading .

Till next time always in fashion.

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