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Where to buy pet food in Nairobi? Petstore Kenya

by GlamourZONE

This is not a sponsored post, but I am recommending the shop because I have shopped for them for years, and my experience has been nothing but good

Where to buy cat food in Nairobi

I recently attended a workshop, and as part of the introduction, we were told to say one word that best describes ourselves. After giving it much thought (more than 2 minutes), the only thing that came into my mind was an animal lover. I am a huge cat and dog lover. At this point I am convinced one of my missions in life is to convince every cat that i met that I am their friend. For the dogs I do have to trend a bit carefully least I come out of it with no finger. I am currenting purrenting 8 cats and 2 dogs. You are probably thinking those are too many, maybe and maybe they are. But if anything gives me joy in this world is every purr that get and to see the dogs wagging their tails with joy. 

One key secret of keeping cats and dogs happy is feeding them good food. One of the places that I have relied on to shop for my pet food is a Petstore Kenya.. I stumbled upon this shop in 2018, and I have not turned back. Cat purrent can attest to the fact that the worst thing that one can do is run out of cat food; those furry friends will meow for hours nonstop. On this particular day, I did not feel like going to the supermarket, so I decided to try an online shop.  At the top of my head, there are a number of reasons why I always go back to the pet store. 

  1. Convince
    If convenience was a person, I would call them Petstore Kenya. You simply have to place your order before 8.00 am in the morning, and you will get your delivery the same day. I do think this differs, especially if you live outside of Nairobi. But I have shopped at Petstore since 2018, and I can guarantee you that they always deliver.


Petfood Kenya

2. Customer Service

They have a great customer service. If there is a problem with your order, you can expect from them, and it will be sorted out. What I also like about them is the ease of getting hold of them. It can be frustrating trying to get ahold of an online shop, but they fail to get back to you. I like the fact that you can easily talk to them using WhatsApp, text messaging, or even a phone call.

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3. Variety

Petstore has a variety of products to choose from. Both wet and dry foods. They also have pet care products and accessories. 

Cat Lover Kenya

4. Sales and Clearance Sales

Another reason why I am drawn to Petstore is because they are always running sales and clearance sales.  You will be surprised to find up to 50% off on the items. This is ideal, particularly if you have a large family. 


If you are a purrent and looking to save some coins I recommend you check them out

You will, however, have to incur the shipping cost, and this may vary depending on where you live. However, for purchases above Kshs 5000 or $50, you get free delivery. 

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